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User's Reviews for M2TS to AVI DVD Converter
"It worked..!"
It's simple to use, the output quality is excellent. I tried many such softwares & I was really disappointed, but this one worked..!
Reviewer: by azzam143 on January 7, 2009
"Just what I was looking for!"
Great free trial, Basic, Easy, Fairly fast!
If you know almost nothing about computers, like me, you will love how elementary this program is. The layout is not flashy, but it is direct and obvious...
And I don't know any other converter program that offers a free trial without putting a bothersome watermark on the output video. Fantastic.
Thank you, Apecsoft!
Note: I efficiently used this program to convert my .m2ts files to .avi files. I would recommend it to all other HD camcorder users who, like myself, have found it really irritating to record in such an uncommon file format.
by proudlds on March 30, 2009
User's Reviews for 3GP Flash Converter:
"I like this program!
I think this program is very good. But it'd be better if it could convert files to other movie files (DAT, MPEG,...)
This program make me feel easy and my files has a very good quality!
Thanks very much."
Reviewer: Thao Nguyen 2006-07-30
"Excellent software
I've used it a couple of times with excellent results, I must admit it's quite simple and easy to use and the whole process it's really fast.
Reviewer: Adrios 2006-08-08
Power, flexible converter which can accept a wide variety of video formats.
Reviewer: gqv 2006-10-27 23:27:44
I simply loved this program, 'cause finally I could pass videos to my iPod (almost 9 months later)
Reviewer: Fotostatica 2007-04-25 23:47:29
User's Reviews for Audio Stripper:
"Love it! Will buy it!
Pros: Downloaded 3 different trial versions, first one was an 11mb file, that program was very confusing, read step by step instructions 3-4x on a second window, and for the life of me I couldn't extract a song from a dvd, uninstalled and deleted. Second was an 8mb file, also confusing and didn't come with instructions. Uninstalled and deleted. Apecsoft Audio Stripper with much smaller file than the rest of them did the job! I didn't even have to read the instructions, if there was one! It was very easy. I was listening to a song from a dvd movie in my car in a few minutes! "
Reviewer: potentate808 02-Aug-2006
Very good This product is very good, does all the stuff I need it to do, as an amateur audio/video technician. This might not be for the professionals, but helped me greatly and is a great piece of software. There is no audible diffference in quality from video to the audio rip. My only criticism is that the free-trial time is a bit short. Unless you are an Adobe Premierpro wizard, I would recommend this for simple audio ripping. It does a great job and is pretty quick too.
Reviewed by James 2006-09-15
User's Reviews for AVI 3GP Joiner
this is a very useful programme, simple and easy to use. I love it coz it helps me join the movie clips that i took using my digital camera.
Reviewer: suzanis 2006-11-30 00:46:57
Very Good!
I liked this program a lot. I've used this program to join many different movie clips together, and it has been very useful for that purpose.
Reviewer: anon2442 2007-01-30 19:50:20